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Meta has a long and successful track record of installations in the energy sector.  For example, we have installed multiple systems for:

  • Wind Tower Welding
  • Monopile Welding
  • Nuclear Vessel Welding
  • Nuclear Vessel Cladding

We have also installed hundreds of systems for critical pipe manufacture and pipeline applications which are described in the tube & pipe section of this web site.

Wind Tower Welding: Meta has provided a large number of laser tracking systems for wind tower welding in many different parts of the world, including Canada, the US, Europe, China and India.  Our Smart VistaWeld system provides a very user friendly interface and highly reliable operation.

Meta has supplied many systems for Wind Tower welding

Monopile Welding: Meta's VistaWeld DLS system for multipass welding is widely used in Europe and Asia for longitudinal and circumferential welding of monopiles.

VistaWeld with DLS200 for longitudinal welding of monopiles

Thanks to its system design, Meta's VistaWeld product line is easily optimised for a huge range of applications in the Energy sector.