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VistaWeld Seam and Bead Tracking System


VistaWeld is a machine vision system that searches for, finds and tracks weld joints and weld seams using optical triangulation. It provides a reliable, non-contact method for controlling the position of welding torches and ultrasonic test probes.


A typical VistaWeld system includes a laser sensor, a pair of servo slides, an electrical control panel and an operator control unit.  The system uses an industrial PC for image processing and to provide a user friendly graphical interface to the machine operator.  The system also uses a plc for all real time control and interfacing.  The PC/plc combination gives a powerful architecture for high performance with robustness and ease of use.

A family of VistaWeld variants is specially designed for adaptive multipass welding.  These systems use Meta's unique scanning spot sensor and have been very successful over the past fifteen or so years.

 VistaWeld Operator Station on Spiral Pipe




  • Longitudinal and spiral pipe mills
  • Wind turbine towers and monopiles
  • Heavy wall-thickness vessels
  • Construction equipment
  • Panel lines and other shipbuilding applications




  • Tracking of weld joints or beads
  • Interface to new or existing slides
  • Fully integrated motion control
  • Data logging and reporting
  • Weld control
  • Upgrade ability for changing demands


Key Features of VistaWeld include:

  • Unique configuration to suit user requirements
  • Continual update on colour LCD screen showing sensor signal, current slide position, current system status
  • At-a-glance system interaction
  • Additional options include advanced data logging, closed loop welding parameter control, adaptive fill.


VistaWeld systems are often used in Submerged Arc Welding applications.