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Laser Seam Tracking System for Welding Automation


Smart Laser Probe (SLPr) is a non-contact weld seam tracking system for welding machine applications. By mounting the Smart Laser Sensor (SLS) to look ahead of the welding torch, the SLPr controls the position of the welding head to keep the welding wire positioned correctly in the joint. Smart Laser Probe provides major benefits in quality and productivity.


Smart Laser Probe is a completely new approach to laser seam tracking. By exploiting the latest advances in electronics and computing, SLPr takes seam tracking to a new level of performance for a standard system.




Smart Laser Probe is the tracking system of choice for machine welding applications such as:

  • Welding lathes for air, water and all types of cylindrical tanks
  • Linear machines, such as side beam, travel carriage and seam welders
  • Gantry welders, such as railway wagon side and roof welders
  • Simple column and boom applications
  • TIG welded tube mills


Key Features of SLPr include:

  • Very high quality, high resolution image generation by exploiting several novel and unique design features
  • Fully digital system incorporating a completely up-to-date control structure
  • User friendly operator interface
  • Wide range of standard sensors and interface options for different applications