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Meta is a leading manufacturer of laser vision systems for welding applications worldwide.

Our weld seam tracking, process control and inspection systems are widely used throughout manufacturing.

Case Studies

Robot Welding of Truck Chassis Components

Meta has been involved in robot welding applications in the auto industry since before the company was actually founded as part of the original research project at Oxford University.  One particular current application is welding truck chassis components.  These are large and complex enough to make it difficult to hold them precisely with conventional tooling.  Meta’s laser sensors solve that problem by controlling the path of the robot weld in real time.  As an added bonus, the same sensor can be used to go back and inspect the weld.  This application is a great fit for our Smart Laser Pilot.


Adaptive Multipass Welding

Meta’s DLS scanning spot laser sensor provides unique advantages for welding large, deep joints as are commonly found in energy applications.  In a recent project for a nuclear vessel circumferential welder, Meta integrated control of the DLS and weld head slides with control of the Lincoln PowerWave welding equipment.  This gave the machine operator a single user friendly way of controlling the whole process from the Meta VistaWeld screen as shown below.

Meta VistaWeld Multipass Screen

Spiral Pipe ID Welding with the Laser Sensor Outside the Pipe

Meta has long been considered the market leader in the application of laser sensors in the pipe industry.  Controlling the ID weld with small pipes can be difficult because of the space constraints.  This was solved by using a laser sensor on the outside of the pipe.  Meta then tool this one step further by developing a new calibration method so that the sensor on the outside of the pipe doesn’t have to move.  As an added bonus, the sensor measures the hilo (mismatch) on the OD weld joint as soon as it is welded, providing invaluable feedback to the mill operator about pipe formation.  The same information can be used in Meta’s automatic mismatch control system.  See more...

Meta Sensor for Spiral ID on outside